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 About the Academy:

Yemen Academy for Graduate Studies is a limited liability company established in 2012. It started its activities as the first academy specialized in the field of postgraduate studies in 2013, based on the Resolution of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (61) for the year 2013.

The Academy offers quality programs in the fields of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Computer and Information Technology, Sharia and Law as well as Languages and Translation.

Since its inception, the Academy has witnessed and keeps on attracting students as one of the outstanding educational institutions that offers opportunities for those interested in pursuing their postgraduate studies in Yemen. Besides, it provides public and private institutions with highly qualified human cadres.

The Academy aspires to be an effective and essential actor in Yemen’s steady march towards establishing a better higher education and scientific research. It also aims to prepare well-qualified human cadres capable of developing themselves, their organizations and their country by offering a number of distinguished academic programs which meet the development requirements and the needs of local and regional labor market.