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Paper Submission Rules & Guidelines:

Authors of papers written in English are requested to strictly abide by the following submission guidelines:

  1. Only those papers which are not published elsewhere or submitted for publication will be considered for review.
  2. Articles should be typed and submitted in Microsoft Word format, 1.5 line-spaced, in an A4 size page with margins of 1 inch in all sides, with Times New Roman Font and size of 16 point for Title, 11 point Italic black forth Author’s Name and 12 point for the Text.
  3. The title of an article should be written in capitals, single-spaced and centered across the top of the first page.
  4. The name of author(s), affiliation(s), department(s), city(s), country(s) and e-mail address should be written with initial capitals below the title in the right side.
  5. Authors cannot use their names anywhere in the manuscript except in the title page.
  6. The paper must include an informative, comprehensive abstract written both in Arabic and English with a maximum word limit of 150 - 200 words followed by a list of about 4 to7 keywords in one line bellow the abstract. This abstract should concisely summarize the major objectives and points of the paper.
  7. With regard to documentation and references, authors will have to strictly follow the latest editions of MLA or APA standards in preparing their papers.
  8. Authors are requested to use endnotes instead of footnotes.
  9. Tables, Figures,Sketches, drawings, graphs, equations, etc. shall be numbered consecutively according to their types and will be inserted and centralized in the correct location within the body text of the article.
  10. Maximum page limit for one paper is 30 to 40 pages.
  11. Once the paper is accepted for publication, the author’s copyrights will be transferred to the journal.
  12. Each manuscript must carry the author’s declaration and a brief bio-note of 150 words of the respective author(s) towards the end of the paper.
  13. Authors are requested to follow the strict ethics of writing scholarly papers and to avoid plagiarism.
  14. All views and opinions expressed in the journal are the sole responsibility of the author concerned.
  15. Paper submission should be either through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or manually to the concerned office in the Academy.
  16. Authors shall receive three copies of the journal issue once it is published.
  17. The order of the content must be as per the following sequence:                                          

i. Title page with the author/s name, institutional details and email address

ii. Abstract and Keywords

iii. Main body of the text

iv. End notes (if needed)

v. References

vi. Author’s Declaration and Bio-note