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Admission and Registration System

Prior to the beginning of the academic year, the Academy Council shall determine the admission capacity of each program as well as the general requirements for admission and registration, based on the proposed plans forwarded by the departments’ councils. To get admitted to a particular program, a student should follow these procedures:

  1. He/she must complete an admission application form and submit it to the Students Affairs Unit.
  2. The Students Affairs Unit shall review the application form to ensure the availability and accuracy of all the required data as well as the student's acknowledging signature. Then, the student shall be referred to the financial affairs to complete procedures of the registration fees (non-refundable) by  paying it in cash to the treasurer or depositing it in the Academy’s bank account and receiving notice thereof.
  3. After paying the prescribed fees, the student shall submit a file containing all the required documents to the Students Affairs Unit, which shall examine the documents to verify their validity, and then send the file to the concerned scientific department.
  4. The head of the department shall review the file and ensure that the student meets the admission requirements in the program, as well as determine the remedial courses, if necessary.
  5. The head of the department shall return the student's file to the Students Affairs Unit with the department’s view and any observations. If all the conditions and requirements are met, the student will be notified in writing of acceptance in the program.
  6. The student shall further complete the procedures of enrollment in the program to which he/she got admitted during the specified period of registration. The student is not registered in the Academy and is not allowed to attend lectures unless he/she has paid the prescribed tuition fees and received his Student ID Card accordingly.

Admission Requirements

  Admission to any program requires:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum grade not less than “Good” from a Yemeni university or any recognized Arab or foreign university. If the certificate is issued by a foreign university, it must be translated, certified and attached with an equivalent certificate issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The university degree and specialization should be sufficient to qualify the student to study in the intended program.
  • The student should pass the General Entrance Test specified by the Academy and should take the Placement Test in English, as well.


The Required Documents

  Students are required to submit the following documents:

  • An application form with all the required data contained therein.
  • The original college degree certificate obtained by the student certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and translated and qualified by the Ministry of Higher Education in case it is issued by a foreign university and written in a language other than Arabic.
  • The original Academic Grade Sheet of the student’s Bachelor Degree certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Eight personal passport size photos (6x4) with a white background.
  • A copy of the student’s ID Card or the passport for non-Yemenis.

Inter-University Transfer Credit Policy for Courses Taken Outside the Academy:

A student can transfer to the Academy from any other equivalent program at any other recognized university provided that he/she fulfills the admission requirements of the Academy, as follows:

  1. Courses studied and passed by the student in the other university have to be consistent at the level of content with the courses of the study plan approved by the department. The student’s grade in each course should not be less than pass mark.
  2. Not more than (12) hours, i.e. (4) courses only, will be considered out of the list of the student’s courses for approving an equivalence list for joining the program.
  3. Courses passed by the student for the completion of a full degree or certificate achieved by the candidate will not be considered for equivalence.
  4. The equivalence procedures and final list will be done by the Head of the Department to determine courses passed by the student in the other university and those to be studied by the student in the department in partial fulfillment to the requirements of the awarded degree in the department.
  5. Marks of courses done by the student outside the Academy will not count towards his/her accumulative grade to be obtained in the Academy.