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The Department of Languages is one of the earliest departments of the Academy which was established in 2012. It offers the opportunity for students to engage with postgraduate courses which enable them to develop research skills and their own research interests within the fields of English language Studies, Literature and Translation.
With the opening of the Department of Languages, the lens of knowledge creation has been focused on Yemeni setting as it had chronically low higher educational attainment and a paltry investment in basic research and development that has stymied society’s growth and development in all fields.


To be distinguished with a programmatic breadth and excellence in the various fields of language studies and research, serving as a catalyst for the increased educational attainment needed to bolster community development with an ever-increasing significance and impact on the future of Yemen and the region.


The Department of Languages embodies the distinctive mission of the Yemen Academy for Graduate Studies in its proud claim of being the first Yemeni Academy for higher studies in the country. The Department of Languages, as an active repository of organized knowledge, seeks to achieve excellence in carrying out the mission of teaching, research and community service, to establish a distinguished academic milieu for qualifying graduates in the fields of literature, translation and language studies and enabling them to communicate efficiently with other cultures. As a key tenet in carrying out this mission, it will fashion its own identity as a cutting-edge institution with a distinct, innovative character forged from the pioneering spirit of its founding faculty, administration and students. It will offer a well-balanced blend of language-based academic and professional disciplines, as well as specialized programs and capabilities, grounded in various literary and cultural issues that would influence the quality of life in Yemen and the region beyond.


  1. To provide students with an up-to-date grounding, based on linguistic, social and intercultural awareness, in key concepts of English language, literature and translation so that these can be applied in the study, analysis and translation of a range of naturally occurring spoken and written language.
  2. To provide students with an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of the study of language, literature and translation.
  3. To enable students learn the power of inquiry, critical and creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and connections across disciplines
  4. To foster students’ openness of mind, conceptual sophistication in argument and the ability to engage critically with a range of cultural forms and values.
  5. To develop in students subject specific skills, particularly graduate level critical, literacy, communication and research skills and to provide them with opportunities to gain transferable graduate key skills of use in their professional life.