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Student Account

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Advantages of the Academy:

  • It is the first Academy specialized in the field of graduate studies in Yemen and accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • It includes highly proficient and well-experienced Yemeni, Arab and foreign faculty members.
  • It provides the most recent methods and technological facilities in the teaching-learning process.
  • Appropriate tuition fees that can be paid conveniently in installments.
  • Classrooms and computer labs are well-equipped according to international academic accreditation standards.
  • Convenient and easily accessible location.
  • Teaching in Arabic and English.


Targeted Groups:

The postgraduate programs intend to attract the following categories:

  • Graduate students wishing to pursue their higher education.
  • Administrators working at various administrative levels in the public, private and mixed sectors.
  • Employees in banks.
  • Workers in embassies operating in Yemen and civil society organizations.
  • Employees in computer and ICT institutions and companies.
  • Workers in the judiciary and prosecution institutions.
  • Legal accountants and auditors.