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In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

“Allah will raise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted Knowledge. And Allah is well-acquainted with all ye do.” 58:11. Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.


Academy Rector

First, I would like to welcome all visitors to the e-Portal of the Yemen Academy for Graduate Studies. I have a great pleasure to write these simple lines to introduce this distinguished academic institution. Yemen Academy for Graduate Studies is the first Yemeni Academy specialized in the field of postgraduate studies. It was established in 2012 and started its activities as the first academy specialized in the field of postgraduate studies in 2013, based on the Resolution of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (61) for the year 2013. Since its inception, the Academy has been working hard to obtain a prestigious position, and reputation to be the most distinguished and creative institution in the fields of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Sharia and Law, Computer and Information Technology, and Languages as well. What distinguishes the Academy is its study system and timings which suit the circumstances of those students working in public and private sectors. Moreover, its classrooms are designed and well-equipped with modern facilities according to the academic accreditation and quality assurance standards. The Academy also administers the Center for Language Sciences and Life Skills, which offers various services to the Academy students.

The Academy has a selection of outstanding faculty members drawn of several reputed universities and offers a variety of postgraduate programs through its four departments: 

Department of Administrative and Financial includes programs of Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Financial Sciences, Management Information Systems, Diplomacy and International Relations and Hospital Management; Department of Sharia and Law includes programs of Public Law and Private Law; Department of Computer and Information Technology includes programs of Networking, IT and Computer Science; and Department of Languages includes English Literature, Linguistics and Translation. The main objective of the Academy is to develop students' skills and prepare them well to meet the needs of the labor market by offering high quality programs, and providing them with books, references, periodicals, laboratories, Internet service and various databases that serve the teaching process. The Academy constantly and persistently seeks to obtain local academic accreditation and quality assurance for all its programs.

The Academy also focuses on fostering a culture of creativity and pays great attention to communication and interaction with similar educational institutions and unions. The Academy attaches great importance to communication and interaction with similar educational institutions and unions through an integrated system of cooperation agreements and academic partnerships.

Given the activate the role of the Academy in translating the objectives of higher education, and its Academy’s firm belief that the learner is the corner stone of the educational process, it is keen to graduate a generation that preserves values and principles, armed with science and knowledge, full of hope and aspirations, bearing the future of the nation and capable of giving by transforming words, ideas and aspirations into real projects in effect.

I have great privilege to be part of a team of academics and administrators, who work collaboratively with mutual respect and cordiality; they cherish work with sincerity, seriousness and a sense of responsibility.

They sincerely work with the team spirit, sense of belonging and relentless efforts to prepare excellent and competent students who would become a fruitful plant rooted in the fertile ground of culture and knowledge, active actors in fields of practice and capable of achieving the best level of performance in their future careers.

The Academy is always keen to be a key factor in the development process by linking its vision and mission to the local community needs, by offering and developing programs that meet the community needs and by encouraging the spirit of interaction with the community in all its different sectors to achieve the objectives of comprehensive development.

The Academy publishes a scientific journal, in order to achieve its objectives in the field of authoring, research and scientific documentation, and to disseminate the renewed thought that benefits the specialists and students of science as a tributary of knowledge and the active word in the field of building scientific and human thought.

With best Wishes!

The Academy Rector

Prof. Galal Abdulelah M. Awad